Skin Removal Surgery - Behind the Scenes with Dr. Sadrian

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  • Jun 24, 2021

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dr. Sadrian and Mordechai discuss cosmetic surgery, how to make a good decision, and how to prepare for the process.


  • The ideal patient is one that takes their time and does their homework so that they are well armed with questions and basic knowledge.
  • Some patients have misaligned or unreasonable expectations of what surgery can accomplish.
  • There is nothing textbook about trauma surgery.
  • Cosmetic surgery is a combination of science and art together.
  • First thing is to find out what the patient wants. What are the things that are bothering them and what are their goals?
  • The results are a partnership. If a patient works hard before and after the surgery, then there could be better results.
  • There needs to be some time between the weight loss and the cosmetic surgery. Dr. Sadrian thinks that 6 months is the minimum wait time.
  • Sometimes the surgery is done in stages.
  • It generally takes 6 weeks for the majority of healing to happen after surgery. That is still not 100% recovery.
  • Since people are using Zoom more frequently and seeing themselves, facial surgeries have increased.
  • When you cut something there is going to be a scar.
  • The tricky part is placing the scar in a place where it is less visible.
  • Always ask “why?”.  What do you want and what is your goal?

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