Intuitive Eating or Dieting with Willpower? with Charles Eisenstein

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  • Jul 29, 2021

My conversation with Charles Eisenstein really lit me up. Motivated by his own struggles with his body, including feelings of not being good enough and unworthiness, he took a deep dive into where these feelings came from. Then he wrote a book about it… The Yoga of Eating,

Charles’ book discusses one of the biggest gaps with food: trusting ourselves. If we use willpower and diets to override our bodies’ intelligence, it’s a recipe for struggle.  If you're curious about what life could be like if you trusted your own cravings and body, I think you’re really going to love this conversation.

“The more honest with yourself you are, the more trustworthy you become”  Charles Eisenstein  


  • We are programmed to not accept ourselves.
  • Almost everything that we judge ourselves for is the result of an unmet need.
  • When Charles was a kid, he was bullied because he reached puberty later than others.
  • It’s important to distinguish between cravings and authentic appetite.
  • Eating food that is bad for you temporarily and falsely satisfies an unmet need without actually meeting the need.
  • When you authentically satisfy needs then cravings will go away.
  • You need to learn to understand how food makes your body feel after you’ve eaten it.
  • The first step is finding that moment where you can see that you love yourself; that self-love is already there.
  • Once you recognize that it’s there then you can return to that when you choose.
  • The more honest with yourself you are, the more trustworthy you become.

Relevant Links

Charles's Website: https://charleseisenstein.org

Books: https://charleseisenstein.org/books

Dietary course: https://bit.ly/2VepgsE

Charles on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ceisenstein

Charles on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/charles_eisenstein/?hl=en

Charles on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/charleseisenstein

Charles Eisenstein

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