How This Busy Mom Got Healthy, Fit & 96lbs Lighter with Charlene Bazarian

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  • Sep 23, 2021

In this episode, Charlene talks about the moment that she no longer recognized herself and began the process of losing weight and becoming fit. She reveals some of her strategies, philosophies, and tips for being successful and losing nearly 100 pounds, and keeping it off for many years.

"You're no busier than a fit person" Charleen Bazarian


  • Charlene has lost nearly 100lbs
  • You’re no busier than a fit person.
  • Taking time for fitness can give you more energy to do other things more effectively in your life.
  • Kids emulate parents. If they see you eat healthily and practice good fitness, then they will want to as well.
  • Charlene weighs frequently and she gives herself 3 pounds of wiggle room. That helps her decide when to eat something that she would normally pass on.
  • To avoid a binge, Charlene will brush her teeth.
  • Most “cheat” meals make you feel physically poor afterward.
  • Avoid “jump-starting” a weight loss program. You need to start something that is consistent and sustainable.
  • Luna bars are one of Charlene’s favorite for breakfast and travel.
  • Women seem to gravitate to cardio, but weight training is critical.

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