From Heroin to Hero - The Road to Recovery with Frank Ferrante

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  • May 13, 2021

Episode Summary

In this episode, Frank talks about his lifelong journey through addiction and what he’s learned through the trials of recovery. He talks about his documentary “May I Be Frank?” and the impact that it has had on his life.  


  • Frank doesn’t blame his addiction on anybody but himself, but he does believe that his tough childhood helped “clear the runway” and perhaps made him more susceptible to addiction.
  • A problem for people staying on path is that they believe that there is one place of ultimate nirvana where everything is ok all the time. This is a false belief and causes stress and setbacks.
  • Frank found the Alcoholics Anonymous group incredibly supportive.
  • Frank doesn’t believe that not drinking or using drugs is the hardest part of the process. Making amends and restitution are much more difficult.
  • Drugs and alcohol are symptomatic of a deeper underlying condition.
  • It is not about getting rid of the ego. It is about learning how to make peace with it.
  • People must go through an interval of discomfort to have a transformative experience.
  • For the documentary “May I Be Frank?”, Frank ate all vegan and raw food for 42 days.
  • After the 42-day experiment, the help that Frank had all left him, and it was tough to continue.
  • Frank was later treated for Hepatitis C and was given opiates. He started to fall back into his old patterns and went through a dark patch where he almost died and had to go to rehab.
  • He then committed to a healthier diet and began to work out and lost 125 lbs.
  • Frank has been sober for over 15 years.
  • One of Frank's favorite things about having done the film is how open it makes others to speak with him openly and share their stories.

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Frank Ferrante

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